Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

Immediately available art works in AluDibond



AluDibond consists of two 0.3 millimeter thick
aluminum layers that are thermally bonded to a
thermally bonded to a polyethylene core. I prefer versions with a mirror-gloss surface, a laminate with an extremely hard surface and good UV protection.

Basically, an art work in AluDibond is already a finished digital work of art that can unfold its visual effect very well in the appropriate environment.plare in AluDibond

By adding a shadow gap frame, the effect can be significantly altered so that it resembles a framed picture behind glass. The wooden frames are available in black, white and metal effect (silver).

Please also note the information on purchasing images.

  • Immediately available copies, frameless
  • Immediately available copies WITH shadowap frame