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All copies of my digital works shown here can be purchased.

As with all digital works (currently also with digital photography), the last process after the purely artistic creation of value is necessarily a technical production process (print), which could be repeated as often as required by the system.

I therefore limit the number of real productions to a maximum of ten copies at present
(This excludes non-commercial artist's copies and small prints up to approx. postcard size)
The respective copy number can be found on the invoice/receipt, which serves as a certificate for the object, and usually also on the hand-signed back of the object.

In principle, it is also possible to purchase a digital unique copy if no copy of the art object has yet been sold. The price for a unique piece is about three times the price of the copy and is only possible for sizes from 60 x 60 cm.

I would be happy to produce special versions or individual modifications of the objects as unique pieces for you.

If you are undecided or not sure how the pictures will look in your living environment, why not let me do a virtual trial hanging for you? This is completely non-binding, free of charge and (apart from the e-mail address) anonymous. You can find out how to do this here.

A few comments on pricing.
Some visitors to my exhibitions find my prices for "computer prints" too high, others think that "anything that cheap can't be art". In my opinion, different standards apply to digitally created art objects (similar to photographs) than to handcrafted objects.
Due to the (limited!) reproducibility, digitization offers the opportunity to make art accessible to a wider circle of art lovers at reasonable prices - without completely excluding the possibility of creating unique pieces. Especially my smaller versions (A4, framed or only with passe-partout) make it possible to acquire and get to know my works and my special way of creating art at very favorable conditions. However, my works usually only unfold their potential in larger versions on AluDibond or as gallery prints with shadow gap frames.


Most of my Virtuographics have a resolution of 10,000 (/ 15,000) x 10,000 pixels
and can therefore be easily created on different media up to a size of 1 - 1.5 meters (85 cm at 300 dpi).

Generativa  and other

Most of my square works have a resolution of 10,000 x 10,000 pixels, but in some cases it can be lower. The maximum copy size therefore varies.

Please note that, despite the copyright watermark, all graphics shown on these web pages are only greatly reduced copies of the originals.

Since digital art needs an optimal presentation, I currently only recommend the following versions:
- Photo print behind glass, framed (only for smaller prints)
- Direct photo printing behind acrylic glass (for frameless mounting with wall spacing)
- Photo print on AluDibond (with mirror-gloss laminate) optionally with shadow gap frame
- Gallery print (print behind acrylic glass with AluDibond backing) optionally with shadow gap frame

 AluDibond consists of two 0.3 millimeter thick aluminum layers that are thermally bonded to a polyethylene core.


Version with the mirror-gloss surface, a laminate with an extremely hard surface and good UV protection

Close-up of the surface structure when printing on canvas.

The copy prices for Virtuographies, Gener ativa and similar digital graphics currently range from 60 Euro for A4 photo print, framed 40x30 cm, to e.g. 650 Euro for AluDibond 150x100 cm.  

Non-binding price examples for copies in the version “AluDibond with mirror finish, WITHOUT shadow gap frame”
With shadow gap frame additionally 60 - 120 Euro depending on size.  




40 cm

40 cm


60 cm

40 cm


60 cm

60 cm


75 cm

50 cm


90 cm

60 cm


70 cm

70 cm


105 cm

70 cm


120 cm

80 cm


150 cm

100 cm


 Prices for other dimensions or special designs on request.


Many objects are directly available:

  • Fine art print on AluDibond, frameless
  • Fine art print on AluDibond with shadow gap frame
  • Print behind acrylic glass
  • Canvas print on stretcher frame
  • Photo print 20 x 20 cm, passe-partout, aluminum profile frame 32 x 32 cm


Alternating double image




If you are interested in an

  • individual alternating picture with two of your favorite private photos

or an

  • individual text image (image is only generated by the letters of the text) 
    on the basis of an individual text and an individual photo

then take a look at my offers under “Digital & Individual”.



According to § 19 Abs. 1 UStG no german sales tax is occurs.

All above mentioned prices are only valid for pick-up (gallery, exhibition, residence of the artist).
Shipping or transportation of the art objects is possible by arrangement (will bed charged).

The copyright for the purchased work(s) generally remains with the artist.