Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

Individual, personalized digital art.


These special and unique digital works of art are based exclusively on your own photos!

I use these two photos for the following examples:

Alternating double images

The alternating image plays with the eye of the beholder. It consists of two images, depending on which side you look from, you see one image or the other. Although this technique of displaying images is very old - it dates back to the 18th century - the optical effect has lost none of its fascination to this day.
In my digital realization, however, I was able to take into account special aspects such as focus view and keystone correction.


For this type of digital artwork, I need two photos from you, which I then have to prepare accordingly for use in an alternating picture. Beautiful motifs are couples / bridal couples, friends, siblings, grandchildren or even animal photos.
There are no limits to your ideas. Almost anything goes with this technique !!!.

Description as  PDF

“Swipe” or use the arrows (< > ) to switch between the views of the image.

  • WB_L
  • WB_M
  • WB_R

Mosaic pictures

My mosaic pictures / segment pictures are created by synthesizing many small graphic elements on the basis of a grid. My controlled algorithm creates completely new image compositions.

Using your photo as a reference, I can create a digital composition that reinterprets the essential features of the photo. This image generated in this way is not a reworking of the photo, but a completely new creation from graphic elements that are foreign to the photo and can vary greatly depending on the nature of the graphic elements used.

You can also download the generated graphics for viewing!




Grafikset "Mix"


Grafikset "Mix"


Grafikset "Blumen"



Partner pictures

Partner pictures are a special variant of mosaic pictures with a high symbolic meaning. I break down the respective picture of one partner into small graphic blocks and use these to recreate the picture of the other partner - and vice versa - as a sign of a complete bond. It makes sense to hang the two pictures created in this way directly next to each other.

Grafiken aus Bild-Mann


Grafiken aus Bild-Frau


Textual pictures


Text images are a combination of text and image, i.e. the image is represented exclusively by differently designed text characters. Suitable texts are song lyrics, poems, short stories, etc., which may also have a connection to the picture. If necessary, the text is started again from the beginning. The photo for the text image should have a simple structure and clear light/dark areas. Overall, the recognizability of the image is somewhat limited by the high proportion of white in the text.

Black and white version

Variant colored on grey



The photos

There are no high demands on the photographic quality of the photos. A photo taken with a cell phone can be just as suitable as photos taken with a system camera. What is important is the moment and the expressiveness of the subject, which is usually a portrait. If the image resolution is sufficient, a portrait can also be taken as a cropped image. An unobtrusive background that is as uniform as possible is ideal.

The processing

If your photos are already available digitally, you are welcome to send them to me by e-mail without obligation to check their suitability. In individual cases, I am also happy to help with the digitization of paper photos or negatives. For reasons of data protection, you should not give me any information about the persons depicted. If no order is placed, I will delete the photos immediately after your decision, otherwise I will keep them for about six weeks after completion of the order for possible follow-up orders.

Please give me approximately one week to complete your individual artwork.

The prices

The prices are non-binding and apply to the standard version *) currently white frame approx. 23x23 to 27x27 cm, frame depth approx. 4 cm . Other, particularly larger versions, can be made available upon request. I would provide you with a suitable offer for these.

*) The standard version may vary depending on the availability of suitable frames!

Alternating double image

Folding picture area 16x16 cm, white passe-partout

  from  90,- €

Mosaic picture / Partner picture (single)

20x20 cm, without passe-partout

  from  50,- €

Partner pictures, both

20x20 cm, without passe-partout

  from  80,- €

Textual picture

20x20 cm, without passe-partout

  from  70,- €

The prices are valid for pick-up at my private address (Koningweg 3, 44229 Dortmund-Bittermark, Germany) or for delivery (by arrangement) in the Dortmund city area.
Otherwise additional charges for packaging and shipping will apply, and I will notify you of these costs prior to placing your order.

According to § 19 Abs. 1 UStG no german sales tax is shown.