Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

Digital Experiments

Here's a little insight into my digital experiments, which don't always reach the level of a "work of art", but are still quite interesting. My creative "toolbox", so to speak, which then leads me to new inspirations. Many of them are the results of testing new software functions.

Teahouse with flowers


  • BA200223_092915
  • 191203_222750_VA_Konstr_Polygone_doppel_korr
  • WB2020
  • 191127_091651_OBJECT
  • BN201202_225515

  • 191015_174105_181023_Kugel_halb
  • zzz
  • Mischbild
  • 180922_Würfel_Mix
  • 200213_120740_Würfel100_grau(08)