Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

About me



Werner Bedorf


Born in 1951

Graduate physicist (solid state physics)

Professional experience as a manager in the
information technology,
today exclusively artistically engaged.



After early beginnings in painting and long creative breaks during my professional life, I have been artistically active again for several years. After acrylic painting and other design techniques, I have been working intensively with digital art since 2017. Given my affinity for precise shapes and structures, it was a natural progress to utilize the computer as a tool for artistry.

My digital artworks are created exclusively through my own programming, i.e. without conventional graphics software.  This software, which I have developed exclusively for artistic purposes, is an integral part of all my artistic work (my "digital brushes") and enables me to explore the limits of what is possible without restrictions and with an imaginative joy of experimentation.

After a long search for a term that accurately describes this unusual method of creating art,
I decided on
"digital art engineering".

As my ideas and visions often only describe the path, the procedure or the mathematical algorithm, the results are not always predictable and sometimes surprising, even for me. There are clear similarities here with generative art. The evaluation and selection of the results achieved in this way are therefore an indispensable part of the overall artistic process.

All my digital artworks are created exclusively on the basis of my own ideas and concepts.
Any perceived similarities with works by other artists are purely coincidental, although they cannot be completely excluded.

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