Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

Digital Art

An artist seldom creates solely with their bare hands. Often, it is a brush, occasionally a spatula, or even a stone chisel. Given my penchant for precise shapes and structures, it was a natural progression to employ the computer as an artistic instrument. This is particularly true since a computer cannot substitute creativity but instead demands its own unique form.
Just as a brush does not independently create a painting, a computer does not autonomously produce art. It is invariably the artist who chooses and wields the right tool to bring their creative vision to life..

As a digital artist, my approach aligns more with that of a photographer than a painter. The hallmark of my artistry lies in the near-total eschewal of pre-existing software, whether commercial or freeware. Instead, I integrate software development into the artistic creation process.
This method is painstaking, often leading me to "reinvent the wheel," yet it's distinctive, fueling my vision to craft something entirely novel.

My software developments have led to the creation of works that depict virtual objects, named as Virtuographics, along with other digital pieces like mosaics, text, and alternating double images. In 2020, I began producing digital art solely through algorithms, a process I've termed Generativa.

My Transformations were added a little later, i.e. works that I create based on existing digital objects such as photos or digitized art objects, but again exclusively using self-created programs and independently developed algorithms.

During my many years of exhibition practice, I have often been asked about my motivation or intention for my digital art. My intention is simply to let other people share the results of my digital experiments and, if possible, to delight them with them. It's a bit like classical music, which can appeal to the intellect and emotions at the same time.

I'm not concerned with open or hidden messages; my art is apolitical and free of ideological thoughts. Enjoy my often very colorful play of colors and let yourself be captivated.