Art Studio Werner Bedorf 

Digital art engineering

Segment- or Mosaic images

Segment or mosaic images are created from many individual images or fragments of other images. First, a coarse or fine grid is defined depending on the requirements and an algorithm for the type of composition (chronology, pattern, image reference) for the image synthesis is determined.
In the case of image reference, i.e. mosaic generation based on an image template, the individual graphics are assigned according to the color and brightness averages of the respective image segments.

In 2023, I then experimented again with image grids and the associated image synthesis. However, I now used a grid of irregular rectangles and experimented with various structural modifications. I have therefore set up a separate page "Mosaic images 2.0" for the current results.

Examples of early works
(virtuographical movement collages)

Complex multi-stage image synthesis

Here are some examples (just to demonstrate the possibilities) of image composition with a reference image.
My self-developed algorithm succeeds - only on the basis of the material available to it (graphic snippets) - in reconstructing the image impressively.


The image itself can also be used as graphic material for the mosaic blocks. With the help of another software function, I create a series of different color variations of the image and use this for the reconstruction.

In the following example, the template is black and white, the individual mosaic images are in color, and the perception of the overall image is again black and white when viewed from a slightly greater distance.

Further examples can be found at  "Digital & Individual"